Jean M. Baylis

Artist, located on the New Forest/Dorset border, whose work is inspired by nature in Landscape,
Seascapes, Equestrian and Life studies.

Gale 8 Rising
Gale 8 Rising - Sold

Many years living in the countryside and along the Dorset coast have allowed me the opportunity to observe nature in all her seasonal variations and moods of weather. I aspire to emulate this experience in a contemporary style, with colour and texture in my work. For Oils or Acrylics, I often use ‘impasto’ technique, which I apply with either a brush or painting knife. I enjoy mixing paint directly onto the surface creating texture and allowing things to happen. This free mixing of paint allows the picture to develop, creating atmosphere, details are added in conclusion. I also introduce texture to Pastel work, using different ‘grounds’ offering depth and tonal qualities. At times, mixing Pastel or Charcoal with Watercolour often ‘wet in wet’, Acrylic or Ink. Each media enhancing the picture with contrast and it’s own emotional qualities.


Protected Heath
Protected Heath

My passion is Mixed Media, including found things. This can include wire, wood, textiles, string and photographs or just about anything if it suits! I find I am beginning to include these techniques in my equestrian and life studies.

As an Artist, I consider the creative road to be forever changing. It is an exciting journey of development with no horizon. Each original is a one-off.

I hope you enjoy seeing my work be it, on this website, in galleries, exhibitions or your own private collection.